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Where to live during your second year at uni
Where to live during your second year at uni

Where to live during your second year at uni

First year flying by? We hope you’re having an amazing time in your uni city and looking forward to everything that comes next. With that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about second year.

Can you even live in halls in second year? Contrary to popular belief, you can – although many universities prioritise uni accommodation for first years. And, sure, living in halls might have had its moments, but it’s also a rite of passage to spread your wings (even if it’s just a few minutes’ down the road from campus) to live somewhere else after first year. Even better: you can choose who you live with!

It’s never too early to start looking for a place to live during your second year at uni. With there being so many options for student accommodation, we understand it might get a little confusing but we’re here to help.

Your options: PBSA vs. a student house

When it comes to moving out of university-owned accommodation, you have a couple of main options for student accommodation: purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) or a house share with other students.

PBSA is housing created specifically for university students to suit their needs, while a traditional student house is usually a property in a residential area rented by students and owned by a private landlord.

At Student Roost, we want our PBSA properties in cities around the UK to be more than just a room and somewhere that enhances your entire student experience, designed to be comfortable and convenient so accommodation is one less thing to worry about while you’re at uni.

What to look for when choosing your second year uni accommodation

When making your decision about what’s right for you, there are some key things to think about.

For example, are you planning to live with friends you’ve made in first year? Do you want to be closer to uni or town or somewhere in between? Would you rather have all the monthly bills included? How important to you is having support available whenever you need it?

You might have lived in a PBSA or student house in your first year, in which case you would have wrestled with these questions – but if you’re in halls, it’s likely the first time you’ve had the freedom to choose where you want to stay while you study.

We offer a range of options at Student Roost to make sure you find the perfect accommodation, from studio apartments to en-suite rooms with shared kitchens. Located off-campus but still conveniently close to class, our purpose built student living is made with you in mind so you can make the most out of your uni experience. Here are just some of the perks of living in one of our Roosts:

Choose how you want to live

Remember that feeling before first year, when you were waiting to see what room you were allocated and who you’d be living with? You’ve got options now and, with Student Roost, you can select your room type and if you’d like to book as a group. When you’re moved in, add those personal touches to your space to make it feel like home and live according to your own schedule – from quiet time studying to hanging out with mates downstairs.

Tick bills off the list

No-one wants the stress of paying bills on top of studying and budgeting. We know balancing everything as a student can be hard, so we want to help ease the pressure so you can focus on the more important things. Moving from halls to other accommodation can be a bit of a shock if you have to fork out for utilities you didn’t realise you’d be paying for! That’s why all your bills are paid for within your rent, so no need to worry about gas, electricity and water – or awkward conversations with housemates about splitting the bill!

Stay close to the action

Who doesn’t fancy a lie in? Moving out of halls doesn't mean you have to worry about waking up super early to travel in for those 9am lectures: our properties are mostly located in the heart of their respective city, so you can be close to campus with all the best restaurants, shops and hotspots on your doorstep. Whether it’s getting to uni or travelling back to your accommodation after a night out with friends, you can sleep easy (and for longer) knowing you won’t have an epic trek every time you leave your room.

Know there’s support if and when you need it

As well as bills generally being on top of your monthly rent, private student houses don’t offer dedicated support from AM to PM – but we do! You can still live independently without curfews or constant checking up on you; after all, you’re an adult and part of this whole new chapter is getting real experience living on your own terms. But we’re also here whenever you need us, which on a bad day (and we all have those) can be a lifeline when you need to chat. From handing over your parcels to signposting to mental health support, our friendly teams of customer service professionals are available round-the-clock – so, if you need to chat, head to reception and you’ll find a friendly face.

Study in an environment to suit you

Being a uni student can be stressful but having a great study environment makes all the difference. Moving to one of our properties means you have the freedom to study how you please in a space that suits you. Whether that be outside on a bench or on your desk in your bedroom, you can find a place that’s comfortable and right for you. Need background noise? Get comfy and set up your notes in one of our living spaces that have a thriving atmosphere, perfect for knuckling down and getting those group projects done. Or if you’d like something a little quieter and private, many of our properties have their own quiet study spaces, designed to help you focus and get the job done. Plus our superfast Wi-Fi means you can study uninterrupted.

Make the most of amazing spaces

When you’ve put the books away for the day, have some fun in a safe place for you and your friends. Across our Roosts, we offer a range of social spaces designed with you in mind and perfect for having a laugh and taking your mind off things. We offer everything from cinema and games rooms, rooftop terraces, lounges, karaoke, and communal kitchens – perfect for pre-game socials or late-night catch ups. Good vibes only, and a whole lot different to your standard rooms in a shared house. We even have laundry areas, parking, and bike storage at some of our properties, providing additional convenience and meaning fewer things to sort during your stay.

Become part of our friendly community

Even if you’re in your own self-contained studio, you’re part of something bigger when you join us. Student Roost living is great for getting you out of your comfort zone and meeting people of all cultures and walks of life. No one wants to feel alone living away, so we pride ourselves in the communities we have built at each of our Roosts. Live with the friends you book with or make new ones along the way at our frequent onsite events, but either way you can enjoy a sense of belonging when you live with us.

Thinking through your options for second year and want to check out our student accommodation? Explore our UK locations, sort an in-person or virtual viewing, and - when you’re ready - book to enjoy the next chapter in your uni experience and start making some amazing memories in more than a room. We’d love for you to stay with us.