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Valentines Day on a budget
Valentines Day on a budget

Valentines Day on a budget

Need some budget friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day? We've got you covered!

It’s that time of year again - the cards are plastered all over the shops, the obligatory red roses are taking over the supermarket flower displays... Valentine's Day is looming.

While the anticipation of what your dearly beloved might (or in my case, will probably not...sigh) do is exciting, it can be just as stressful figuring out how to properly celebrate Cupid's big day - without adding to your student loan debt.

With many of us counting the pennies these days no one will hold it against you if you resort to some cost effective creativity in the name of love. Some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts don’t need to clog up your credit card. Instead check out these fun and sentimental ideas for your Valentine’s Day on a budget. And as they say, it's the thought that counts.

Plan a romantic dinner at home - but get dressed up!

Whether its ball gowns and tuxedos, fishnets or fancy dress, the rule is whoever plans the night dictates the attire! And food wise (unless you are a great cook!), all the big supermarkets are offering meal deals (that generally include a nice bottle of fizz). Checkout the meal deals at Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose!

Plan a romantic rendezvous in the middle of the day!

Even if neither of you ever seems to have time to meet for lunch during busy days of lectures, plan it ahead. Just the fact you get to see each other in the middle of the day will be something special, romantic and different. Restaurants are great but can be pricey - why not visit a museum or free exhibition. If the weather is nice -albeit in this country, you’d have to be really lucky in February - you don't have to stay indoors. A ramble around the park followed by a romantic picnic -or hot toddy - could be fabulous.

Social media and TV ban for the night - bliss!

Make a Spotify playlist for each other - and listen to all the songs together. And dance! Cocoon yourself in music and romance and block out the rest of the world until February 15th.And if you don’t fancy a musical evening, get a board game out. Just don’t fallout over a tense game of Monopoly....maybe try Twister!?

Take a trip down memory lane

Recreate the best date you and your partner have ever had - make sure it was definitely with that person(awkward!!). Go back to a bar or restaurant that means something to you both -the local pub and kebab shop is just fine! Or simply watch a movie you first saw together in the cinema. Unless that movie was Gone Girl - evil psycho girlfriend - or Magic Mike - my boyfriend will always be a let down after seeing Channing Tatum work his moves!

Eat out for less

So its up for grabs as to whether it is acceptable to use money off vouchers for a romantic dinner for two, but chances are you are both up for saving a few quid! Lots of restaurants up and down the country, from Pizza Express and Strada, Prezzo or Honest Burger, are all currently offering voucher deals - just factor in the days they are valid.....you might have to write an IOU on Valentines Day...in fact there is another money saver....head out on the 15th instead!

Secret voucher code heaven

Whether its flowers or chocolates, the voucher code websites are all here to help - and we won’t tell! Flowers are expensive – they can be at least £25 for a basic bouquet from Marks &Spencer and double that for red roses. Check out eflorist for 50% off 12 red roses and some nice savings to be had from Prestige Flowers as well. And find out what flowers your partner likes - maybe roses aren’t their thing....so you could save a fortune! Many of the deals include a box of chocolates too - up to you whether you let your other half enjoy these!

As mum would say, homemade cards are always the best

Why spend a fiver on a mass produced card covered in giant hearts and lovesick puppies when you can make a more meaningful creation for less? Hobbycraft, The Range and Paperchase all have coloured card, glitter and stickers galore to get you started. Or if you want to keep it even more simple,cut up old newspapers or magazines to make a love note that’s totally free.

And one last thought...

Why not spend Valentine's Day with somebody who doesn't have their own Valentine to cuddle up with?

Love's biggest holiday isn’t always fun - remember friends who have recently experienced a break up or lost someone. Put it this way, if you're happily loved up, every day is special for you, and you can afford to dedicate some time on Valentine's Day to spread the love around to somebody who really needs it.