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Valentine’s day for one? What to do if you’re a single student
Valentine’s day for one? What to do if you’re a single student
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Valentine’s day for one? What to do if you’re a single student

Who needs stupid Cupid this Valentine's Day? This February 14th, it's all about you!

It’s that time of year again when couples can be just that bit more smug than usual – yep, it’s Valentine’s Day. But if you’re single and worried February 14th will be your worst nightmare, we’ve got some suggestions to make this day a dream come true:

1. Throw a singles party. Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you should spend Valentine’s Day alone – so why not invite other singletons to your very own Club Single?

2. Try something new. People always talk about falling in love with a person – but why not fall in love with a hobby? While the majority of people will be out for romantic dinners, this means certain classes or sports will have plenty of spaces free – so make the most of this opportunity to learn something new and make friends in the process!

3. “Secret” Valentine. You’ve heard of Secret Santa – but have you heard of Secret Valentine? Following the same principle, round your friends together, draw names from a hat and get a gift for the person you were given. Then grab everyone for a night out, and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your mates!

4. Treat yourself. While couples are out having to share drink and restaurant bills, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your own company. Why not visit that gallery you’ve always wanted to go to? Or perhaps spend an evening in and indulge in some self-care and relaxation? Remember, Valentine’s isn’t just about loving others – it’s also about loving yourself.

5. Celebrate Discounted-Chocolate Day. OK, so it’s actually the day after Valentine’s Day, but if you head to your local supermarket you’ll see something pretty spectacular – that’s right, all the unsold Valentine’s chocolates will now be heavily discounted meaning a BARGAIN for you. After all, you wouldn’t want those luxury chocolate truffles to go to waste, right?

If you’re really not keen on Valentine’s Day, you could always celebrate other events this February 14th – including Ferris Wheel Day and International Book Giving Day.