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Top quirky traditions from universities around the world
Top quirky traditions from universities around the world

Top quirky traditions from universities around the world

Having a howler at university? It's probably a tradition you've yet to find out!

With many universities dating as far back as several centuries old, these academic institutions are steeped in history – and along with its interesting history, will definitely have an interesting tradition to go with it.

So join us as we travel the world and teach you a thing or two about the globe’s most crazy university traditions:

1. Deadline Day (University of Sussex). Originally, the University of Sussex held a tradition known as Dissertation Dash, where students would race through part of the campus to deliver their final dissertations into the central office. While this tradition has now gone, it has been replaced with Deadline Day – where students can celebrate with a barbecue, DJ, bar-based activities as well as giant inflatables.

2. Healy Howl (Georgetown University). This Washington DC location was the setting for The Exorcist, and after its debut in 1973, every Halloween the film is screened on campus – with students celebrating its ending by howling at the moon, otherwise known as the Healy Howl.

3. Pumpkin Drop (Muir College, University of California San Diego). Every year a pumpkin filled with candy gets dropped from the 11th storey of Tioga Hall – and after it splatters from its fall, the students collect the pumpkin’s sweets.

4. Rub the Toe (Yale University). Former president of Yale University, Theodore Dwight Woolsey, had a statue built in his honour on campus. According to university legend, if he attended a regatta, Yale would be crowned the winner – so every time prospective ‘Yalies” are shown round the campus, they’re encouraged to rub the statue’s toes in the hope its luck will rub off onto the students.

5. Dragon Day (Cornell University). This annual event sees Spring Break celebrated by students holding a dragon procession around the university. Designed by first year architecture students, the dragon procession came about after the legend of St Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland.

6. Raisin Weekend (St Andrews University). Over in Scotland, third year students adopt the first years and become their ‘parents’. When the second weekend of November arrives, the first years dress up in crazy costumes and enjoy a bevvy (originally raisins, hence the namesake). After this two-day event, the first year ‘children’ then take part in a foam fight.

What tradition does your university celebrate? Put your uni on the map by sharing your tradition with us on our Facebook page.

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