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The benefits of living in a studio flat at uni
The benefits of living in a studio flat at uni

The benefits of living in a studio flat at uni

Are you looking for excellent studio living while you’re at university, but struggling to get your head around whether complete independence is better than the community aspect other types of accommodation can offer? We’ve covered the benefits of living in a studio flat at uni to help you on your way.

Independent student living benefits

Besides the luxury of self-contained space, independent student living can provide a number of benefits worth noting. We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits of students living independently, to make living alone as a student seem a little less daunting.

There’s bound to be a number of questions that come with the idea of living in a studio flat. What’s it like living in a studio apartment? Will my social life be impacted? Will I feel lonely? These are all things that you’ve likely already considered. And while they’re definitely relevant questions to ask, you may need a little help in seeing the benefits of living in a studio apartment.

Delve into our list below to see what students living independently experience regularly.

Living in a studio flat gives you true independence

Living at home likely came with chores: orders to tidy your room, do the washing up and similar activities. Or perhaps you were already super clean and did those without being told to! Either way, living in a studio flat at uni means that you can live any way you wish.

If you’re a little messy and you let your clothes pile up ready to be washed, nobody can give you grief for doing so. If you’re super clean, then your studio will be sparkling and you won’t have other people to clean up after.

We do recommend keeping on top of these things, however much you would like to leave them – a clean living and studying space can really help to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something on a regular basis.

Students living independently put more effort in socially

If you’re a little shy or you struggle with meeting new people, opting for living in a studio flat may be the choice for you. But at the same time, because you’re living alone, it will force you to chat to more people in other accommodation, on your course, or even lead you towards joining a society in an effort not to feel lonely. Luckily, there will be other people in other studios in the same boat – and you may just become great friends.

Independent studio living gives you the opportunity to have a haven away from the hustle and bustle and step out to socialise when you feel comfortable enough to do so. It’s very different to having five (or more) other people just across a hall.

Living in a studio flat at uni means you control your destiny

Netflix binge at 3am? Sounds like a plan. Facetiming friends or family? You’re not disturbing anybody – go for it!

Living in a studio flat at uni means you control what you do, and not your friends or family. If you want to get into a routine with your sleep schedule that means you can go to the gym or study before a lecture, you can do that. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you have the ability to control your university journey in whichever way you please.

Just make sure you wake up for your lecture if you do opt for the midnight Netflix binge, though…

Living in a studio flat in a convenient location

Some Student Roost accommodations, like The Depot in Bath, are studio-only. They are all situated in prime locations, close to the university and within at least ten minutes of the city centre.

While living in a studio flat will allow you to use all of the excellent facilities on offer in the accommodation (for example, The Depot has a communal area and study space, as well as an outdoor terrace and barbeque), there’s always the opportunity to easily head onto campus or into the city centre at your own convenience.

Students living independently avoid common student issues

Living in a studio flat at uni means that you get to avoid the common student issues that the majority of new students usually face. You’ll have your own en-suite bathroom, meaning the shower and toilet will be free whenever you need to use them, and the same for any kitchen appliances too.

And on the subject of kitchens, you won’t have to worry about someone “accidentally” eating that chocolate cake you’ve been looking forward to. If there’s a trail of crumbs and an empty cake box, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Tips for living in a studio

Those are just some of the benefits associated with living in a studio apartment while at university, and there are a load more that come with it. This is just a small taste of what it’s like living in a studio apartment – if you’d like to talk more about why independent studio living could be the right move for you, get in touch with us!

As a top tip, we’d recommend utilising any communal areas on offer in the accommodation – it’s a great way to meet people from all over the UK and the world, and a great way to make long-lasting friendships. Everyone is in the same boat, so venture into communal areas as soon as you feel comfortable enough to do so.

If you’re ready to consider independent student living, browse all of the student accommodation options available with Student Roost, and arrange a viewing or book a room today.