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Student Jiri on why St Davids is more than a room
Student Jiri on why St Davids is more than a room

Student Jiri on why St Davids is more than a room

At Student Roost, we help you get the most from your student experience by providing amazing social spaces and events at our properties that build like-minded communities of students - and lasting friendships. We love positive stories from past residents, so we were excited to hear student Jiri reminisce about his time at St Davids in Swansea.

Jiri student case study

Name: Jiri

Roost: St Davids

Below, Jiri talks with Senior Operations Manager Mark about why friendly chats with the 24/7 team, engaging events and maintenance at hand made his years at St Davids the best of his student life.

“I lived at St Davids in my first and second year of uni.” 

[St Davids] was the first [accommodation] I found that I could book at such short notice. I wasn’t sure what university I was going to end up in, so I wasn’t booking ahead of time.

“[The] best part of staying here is that there are extra activities that are available.”

I made friends with my neighbours so that was nice. We would hang out and go to the cinema and do things.  I quite liked the activities that were happening [at St Davids, like] Chinese New Year, there was a celebration party. There were game nights and breakfast [mornings].

“If something went wrong, it actually got fixed!”

[After two years]I felt like a change of location, a change of scenery might be a good idea. As soon as I moved out, I wish I didn’t. The rooms here are better than the room I ended up in. They are just the right size for one person. The kitchens are better and have enough space for the amount of people that share the kitchen. The process of paying the rent was easier. If something went wrong, it was usually fixed the same day or as soon as it was reported, or within the week.

“The people working here are really nice.”

I miss having the chats [with the St Davids team], they are always happy to chat. I quite liked having a chat with [Mark] and other members of the people working here. They still remember me, [which] shows dedication on their part. For the people who are just moving in, make the most out of it.”

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