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Student-friendly spring cleaning tips
Student-friendly spring cleaning tips
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Student-friendly spring cleaning tips

Now the weather is starting to warm up, it's time for that annual clear out!

Spring has sprung! Now while I grudgingly clean throughout the year (yes it's so boring), for some reason I absolute love spring cleaning. It’s a chance to regroup, throw out and clear that winter stuffiness from your room!

You will need:

- Scruffy clothes - you don’t want to get your best outfit covered in dust!

- Microfibre cloths - this 2 pack is great, one for dusting and one for disinfecting! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0...

- Furniture polish - get down to your local budget supermarket, any cheap furniture polish will do.

- Disinfectant spray - bedroom, bathroom, you name it....super cleaner extraordinaire, Mrs Hinch recommends https://www.poundstretcher.co....

- Bleach - budget all the way here, cheap bleach cleans toilets like a dream. Leave in the toilet overnight to let it really get to work!

- Rubber gloves - save those precious hands from bleach and more. In fact, my best tip is to pop some hand cream on before the gloves - and voila, a mini treatment while you scrub!

- Vacuum cleaner and mops are both supplied in our buildings (find out from the management team where they are stored!)

And here are some wonder products that really don’t cost the earth....did you know vinegar isn’t just for fish and chips, and lemon, not just a slice to add to drinks? Say what!?

- Forget buying window, glass and mirror cleaner - vinegar and old newspaper works justas well.

- And did you know that lemons are nature's cleaning wonder product! They have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Some suggestions for how to use lemons in your spring cleaning include mixing a bit of lemon juice with baking soda to remove stains from pans and plastic containers or leaving a small dish of vinegar and lemon juice in the kitchen to absorb potent odours. Finally you can simply rub a slice of lemon across your chopping board to disinfect the surface.

- Also have you always, like me, wondered what baking soda was actually for?? Just me?Apparently used in everything from bread to yoghurt making, like lemon, it’s another one of nature's cleaners. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, a liquid mixture of baking soda and water acts as an all purpose light cleaner that's particularly effective on grease.

Get those windows open

Fresh air is free. Throw open your windows to get some air into a room that has probably become a bit stuffy over the winter months. Now is also a good time to remove the sheets from the bed and the towels from your en-suite, and get them to the laundry!

Can you see the floor?

Start by clearing everything off the floor. It’s amazing what you’ll find...don’t put it away just yet (see next point!) but clear the decks before going any further!

Clear out your clothes

Take everything out of your wardrobe, dump it on the bed and give the wardrobe and drawers a good clean. As everything is already out,take a look at all your clothes and accessories - is there anything you won’t wear again? Then donate to charity - or see if your friends fancy them? Store your winter clothes and get ready for the warmer months. Find a home for everything and you won’t be tempted to dump them on the floor again!

Another one bites the dust

No-one wants to think about dust mites and dead skin allover the room, but a sure fire way to get rid, is to whip out a cloth and dust cabinets, shelves, skirting boards, and other things that gather dust. Microfibre cloths are your best bet for dusting and polishing (don’t forget the top of your wardrobe!).

Get hoovering

Get that hoover out to show that dust the door for good!Don’t forget to get right under the bed as well. Hoover the en-suite floor as well - before getting the mop out to get it sparkling!

Scrub the bathroom

Please tell me that you regularly clean your bathroom as any normal human being should - but if you can’t remember the last time the bleach and disinfectant came out, now would be the ideal time to get it sorted! Start with the toilet, then the sink and shower and then finish with the floor –don’t forget those rubber gloves!

And for those of you who enjoy this new level of clean, get some great hints and tips from Instagram sensation, @MrsHinchHome. What she doesn’t know about cleaning hacks isn’t worth knowing. 

One last thought, take a before and after photo - I can guarantee your parents will be impressed!