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Student Connor shares his experience living at The Heights
Student Connor shares his experience living at The Heights
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Student Connor shares his experience living at The Heights

Living and studying in Birmingham city centre is an exciting prospect for so many reasons, so we hope to enhance your student experience even further when you live with us at one of our two Birmingham properties, The Heights and The Old Fire Station.

We spoke to second-year student Connor, who moved to The Heights in 2020 and has since upgraded to a studio.

Note: image of student at The Heights reception for illustrative purposes only.

Name: Connor
Roost: The Heights
University: Birmingham City University

Below, Connor tells us more about his experience at The Heights and how it amounts to more than just a room.

“First year was great!”

I’m in my second year, studying Forensics at BCU. I was with Student Roost the first year at The Heights, which was great.


When I moved in, people made group chats and met up outside, everyone was socialising, it was a really good experience. Being able to have the massive common area was really beneficial to people making mates.


My flatmates moved so I ended up being in a flat by myself pretty much. Reception worked out a way for me to get moved into a flat so I wasn't alone, which was really lovely. This year, I moved into a Bronze studio with my partner - so I know I'm definitely not going to be alone now.

“I was away from my family for the first time.”

When I felt lonely, I'd end up walking to the shop and coming back and talking to reception for a little bit, it helped me ease in. When my flatmates moved out, I still had mates in The Heights I could see so that was never an issue.


There was one point where we did have to isolate. Reception were great again, they brought up groceries, packages, anything we'd ordered essentially.

“It feels more personal...”

The team are always up for a chat. A couple of nights ago, we were playing pool and the security guard Billy likes to show off his pool skills, he's cool. Just the small things like that, interacting with us in the day to day, it feels more personal than someone sitting behind a desk.

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