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Reasons to stay with us for another year
Reasons to stay with us for another year

Reasons to stay with us for another year

Are you already looking ahead and thinking about next year? What you'll be studying in lectures, all the new people you'll meet, the epic nights out and nights in, and of course… where you’ll be staying.

If you’re currently living with Student Roost, we’d of course love for you to live with us for another year of amazing memories. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled all the top reasons why choosing to stay with us is the best idea…

Get first choice of your room

Do you love that your window looks right out onto the city? Have you had your eye on a room on a higher floor? By rebooking early, you have the chance to book your room of choice. Whether that's your current room that you've made your own little haven, or the upgraded room that's been on your wishlist all year - get in quick so you don't miss out!

Invite your friends to live with you too!

Have you formed a group of friends you’re thinking of living with next year? Know someone who’s starting university in the same city? Why not book rooms next door to each other in a shared flat? You can enjoy a home for the entire squad with us.

Not only will you benefit from living with your friends, you'll enjoy great extras you simply won't get in a traditional student house (more on those below) while still getting to share in all the good stuff of a house share. It just makes sense, right?

All the essentials, just downstairs

Have you enjoyed using your property's social spaces and facilities? Spending time in the communal lounge, using the onsite laundry and, depending on where you live, the money saved (and strength gained) at the gym - why give them up? Our handy amenities and Insta-worthy spaces will still be available to you next year and for as long as you continue to live with Student Roost.

The bills are on us

When living in a shared house, you’ll need to factor in costs for water, electric, council tax and other utilities. Is it really worth the hassle? Especially when you're used to not having the extra cost...

As you know, all your bills are covered by your rent, including contents insurance and high-speed Wi-Fi - so you’ll never miss out on a single TikTok, story or post from your favourite accounts (hopefully including us, @studentroostuk).

We're here for you, AM to PM

From locking yourself out at 2am (it can happen to the best of us) to having someone to speak to when you're going through a hard time, it's a lifeline to have round-the-clock support in your property. It goes beyond security, although you can rest assured you're safe with us - it's about being there when you need us, whenever that is. And guess what? You won't get that in a typical student house.

Enjoy more snooze time

The convenience of having everything you need in your room is one thing, but being able to spend more time in bed is the cherry on top. Our Roost locations have been selected so you're close to uni and great transport links, meaning you can enjoy that extra half-hour in bed over an extra-long commute.

It's hassle free!

Changing address, signing up for new bills, finding a new deposit or ending up with a longer walk to uni – what a lot of fuss, when you could literally just stay where you are! Plus you can continue to benefit from convenient 

If you’d like to stay with us next year, simply speak to your property team for the best deals or log in to your Student Roost account and complete your booking!

Stay with us next year