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Questions to ask at a viewing
Questions to ask at a viewing

Questions to ask at a viewing

Are you asking the right questions when you’re searching for your new home?

When you’re on the hunt for a home for the coming year, its so important to take your time and do your research - so you make an informed decision about where you want to live. By asking lots of questions you can feel comfortable and excited about your final decision - and look forward to the year ahead - without the worry of damp, furry friends or along trek to the bus stop!

Here are some of the important questions you might not have thought to ask about every property.

1. Location,location, location

Where’s the closest bus stop, supermarket, gym or doctors surgery? You don’t want to have to walk 3 miles for a pint of milk! Or find you’re miles away from the nearest bus stop. If you do forget to ask, then Google is your best friend. But be assured, that our Student Roosts have been purpose built in the best locations, with a range of amenities on your doorstep.

2.Can I personalise my room?

While you can’t hammer nails into Student Roost walls, we want your room to feel like a home away from home. Houseplants, fairy lights, cushions, framed photos and throws all help it to feel like your own, especially when coming home after along day of lectures.

3.Can I bring pets?

At Student Roost we don’t allow pets, so while its not quite the same, how about using our super fast Wi-Fi to video chat with your beloved pet? And you are more than welcome to bring a cuddly toy!

4.Do I need to bring a hairdryer?

For sure - its worth bringing all your own electrical grooming and beauty devices and toiletries. While we provide all the essentials - a bed, mattress and furniture for your room - we want you to bring your own personal style (and equipment) with you.

5.Do I need to be back in the building at a certain time?

Not at all, this is your home. That's why our Student Roosts are managed 24/7. Just be considerate of other students who may not fancy being woken up by you announcing your arrival at 3am.

6.What size bedsheets do I buy? And do you provide a pillow?

Depending on the room you choose at Student Roost, your bed will either be a single, ¾ bed(bigger than a single and slightly smaller than a double), or a double. If you’re unsure,just give us a call and ask!Why not bring your own duvet, pillows and a lovely duvet and pillow cover set to make it really feel like home straightaway.

7.Do I need to take out the bins myself?

In short, yes. Our Student Roosts all have a main bin and recycling area in the building, but you will need to empty your personal bins and take them out - it's all part of independent living! If you share a kitchen, its worth drawing up a rota with your flatmates so there’s never any arguments about whose turn it is!

8.Can I bring my 42inch TV?

Why don’t you hold off on bringing any large electrical equipment until you’ve mety our flatmates and seen the space available in your room once you’ve unpacked? You don’t want to end up with six TVs in one flat or find you don’t have the space for it in your room (among all those text books!)

9.Do I have to do my own washing?

Yes you do! But as we have on-site laundry facilities it shouldn’t be a problem -just don’t forget to take your clothes out once the cycle has finished! You will also need to buy your own washing detergent.

10.How safe is it?

Security is something that every student should take seriously when viewing a property.At Student Roost our properties are manned 24/7, have CCTV surveillance and also have secure access arrangements so that you always feel safe. That said,its important to always be extra vigilant, especially in a new town or city.

11. Are bills REALLY all included?

Yes absolutely. You can stay warm and toasty throughout the winter and will never ever (!) run out of hot water. And we include high speed WiFi and contents insurance too - rest assured, you are all covered.

It's always important to do your research, whatever type of property you are looking at. Don’t take anything for granted, and if you are unsure, ask again. Better to be safe than sorry.

Do you think we’ve missed anything?

Comment below or tweet us @studentroostuk if you have any useful hints and tips!