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Newcastle student on living with us for four years
Newcastle student on living with us for four years
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Newcastle student on living with us for four years

Whether you’re a student going through Clearing, a second/third year looking for a change from halls, or a postgraduate student starting a new chapter of study, where you choose to live is going to have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

Location, cost, facilities, community and more – they’re all things to consider when you’re weighing up where to call home during your studies.

Ming Qu stayed with us at our St James’ Point student accommodation in Newcastle for four years, the entire length of her university studies.

Thinking of staying at one of our Newcastle Roosts or another one of our award-winning properties in the UK? Read on to find out what Ming had to say about living at Student Roost.


Name: Ming Qu
Roost: St James’ Point

Ming on moving in:

“Back to 2017, I felt comfortable when I started to live here. As a student apartment, the location, price and environment are perfect for students who are just starting their university life.”

Ming on location:

“The location is perfect and convenient if you are a student of Newcastle University Business School. Tesco is less than one minute away for you to purchase the essential stuff for daily life, Chinatown is five minutes away for you to taste different types of Chinese food and bubble tea, and the biggest Chinese supermarket HiYoU is 10 minutes away and next to the biggest shopping mall, Eldon Square.”

Ming on 24/7 support:

“During the stay, you can feel Student Roost’s care for every resident. For example, there are always staff waiting in reception to solve your problem and your parcel will also be well accepted and kept.”

Ming's final word:

“I could not feel more comfortable and I really appreciate all the care during my four-year stay here.”

Four years or one – we’ll provide the ideal environment for you to live your best student life, however long you choose to stay with us. With en-suite and studio rooms available plus great extras like all-inclusive bills, 24/7 support, no rent to pay until you get your student loan and amazing facilities, what are you waiting for? We’ve saved you a room.

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