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Low cost healthy winter warmers
Low cost healthy winter warmers
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Low cost healthy winter warmers

We've got recipes that will warm you from the inside and help beat those winter blues.

No matter how good you are at cooking, in winter we all need simple heart-warming recipes. Here are some of our favourite Student Roost culinary time savers and recipes that anyone can make on a budget and without huge amounts of equipment.

A few pointers to get started:

Frozen veg is your friend: They last forever(in contrast to fresh veggies), they don’t need to be washed, chopped, peeled or cut and they’re generally cheaper than fresh. The mixed vegetable bags are best if you are short on freezer space!

Stock up your store cupboard: Keeping a stock of ingredients such as herbs and spices, chopped tomatoes, pasta, brown rice and couscous, tinned beans and fish is a great way to make sure you always have healthy options to hand. Then there’s less chance that you’ll be tempted by a quick takeaway or ready meal, which, although convenient, can come loaded with salt and saturated fat.

Get your jacket on: The jacket potato has to be one of the staple dishes in your recipe repertoire. So easy and speedy,its always a satisfying meal, especially if you get a bit creative with your fillings. From cheese, baked beans, to smoked mackerel or chilli, the list is endless. Throw in some salad leaves to give it some colour!

Warm up with soup: While the canned variety can be heavy on the salt, it doesn’t take much to make a tasty soup from scratch. From veggie broth to creamy chicken soup, you can add chilli and other spices to create a soup-er meal!

A couple of my favourites include:

Thai red curry butternut squash soup (vegan)


And this one - chicken, vegetable and rice soup - is a great way of using up leftover chicken from a roast dinner!


One pot dishes

One pot dishes are great to save on washing up and perfect for sharing with friends- or enjoying for lunch the next day! Generally they take a few minutes prep time and then its a case of popping in the oven (getting on with some studying!) and then coming back to feast!

Curried cod

A spice filled fishy favourite! A cost saving tip is to use frozen cod - or get a cheaper white fish such as pollock from your local fishmonger.


Spicy Sausage ragu

From start to finish in 30 minutes, this quick ragu can be as mild or hot as you like. Add more chilli for a red hot kick!


Chicken traybake

Chicken thighs are cheaper and arguably tastier than other cuts - and this doesn’t look anything like the budget meal that it is!


Vegans need not miss out either. Check out some yummy vegan-friendly one pot dishes - and even if you don't have a plant-based diet, tasty vegan recipes can make a change from meat (which can be quite expensive in any case).

Top tip? If you buy one piece of equipment, let it be a slow cooker.

You can pretty much make anything in a slow cooker from soup to a whole roast chicken - and they don’t have to cost the earth.

Robert Dyas has a bargain on offer at the moment:


And you won’t go wrong with this one from Argos:


With just a few minutes prep before you leave for the day, here are the best recipes to come home to after a day of lectures (and the kitchen will smell amazing!):

Slow Cooker beef stew


This  is no ordinary potato soup


And an old faithful - Chilli con carne (enjoy day two as a jacket potato filling!)


For more inspiration for healthy student dinners - as well as yummy breakfast and lunch ideas too, go to https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/re...

And for endless recipes using a slow cooker, visit



We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did (both making and tasting them!)- and if you fancy sharing your creations, send us your favourite recipes along with photos. Maybe we could start a Student Roost cookbook - now there’s food for thought - especially with our tasty Easter recipes, too!