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How to surprise your mum when you're not at home
How to surprise your mum when you're not at home
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How to surprise your mum when you're not at home

No matter where you are in the world we have some ways to show your mum some love on Mother's Day.

Our wonderful mums are there for us through thick and thin. Whether it’s taking that bag of washing off us when we arrive on her doorstep after a busy semester at Uni or if it’s making our favourite dinner when we are back for the weekend (and hopefully sending us back with left overs), they’re our rocks. Well, mine is anyway!

While arguably we should be celebrating mums every day of the year, we’re all guilty of taking their kindness, support (and roast dinners!) for granted. So on one day of the year - Mother’s Day - shouldn’t we wholeheartedly celebrate these fabulous ladies in our lives.

And even if it’s mid-year and we can’t get back to our childhood home to make our beloved mum breakfast in bed or take her out for lunch, there’s plenty we can do from afar to show her how much we care. Here’s just a few ideas to treat her - that won’t break the bank we promise.

Make her a card

Sure, you can buy a card and make it special, but there's something about one you make yourself. With all the free clipart available online, you can make it look great even if you can't draw. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a designer, why not download the Canva app and have a bit of fun with your designs!

Write a letter

Yes a card is brilliant - but could you do more? How about adding a letter into the card telling her how much you treasure her. It's something she can keep and re-read for years. Or if you’re really creative with your words, express how much you care in a poem. You can even print and frame it for her if you like.

Say it with flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? You don’t have to spend a fortune to send a lovely bouquet to arrive on Mothers Day. Unless she suffers from hay fever…..then maybe rethink!

These online florists offer beautiful arrangements from £19.99, and some even throw in chocolates too.

Vouchers for afternoon tea or a relaxing massage

If you can’t be with her to wait on her hand and foot, then perhaps send her a voucher that she can use to relax. Mums spend quite a bit of time time taking care of everyone else, and they tend to neglect themselves. If this sounds familiar, book in something that will allow her to kick back, even just for an hour. She may even save it to share with you! Groupon and Wowcher do some great offers. Or if its beauty treatments she loves, check out Treatwell for some amazing deals across the UK.

Dedicate a song to her on the radio

Ok this one might take a bit of effort - and help from your Dad to make sure she’s listening. But if it works, think how many brownie points you will earn! Call up her favourite radio station and see if they'll dedicate a song to her. Here’s a few stations doing dedications - just pick an appropriate song!

Or send her this - a Mother’s day playlist you can both dance along to even when you're not home!

Surprise her another time

It doesn’t need to be Mothers Day to surprise your mum by arriving on her doorstep. Just don’t hand her the washing straight away!

Simply say ‘I love you’

And if even these don’t hit the mark for you, simply pick up the phone and make a call to your mum to show her you are thinking of her. Have a catch up and let her know that you love and miss her and ultimately how grateful you are for her.

A few minutes on the phone will make her day - and in the future, if and when we are parents ourselves, we will understand completely!