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How to save electricity
How to save electricity
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How to save electricity

With it being World Earth Day today we wanted to give you some tips on how you can save energy in your Roost.

Electricity, gas and water bills are all included in Student Roost properties, but that doesn’t mean we want you to keep the heating on 24/7 and the taps running all day. Watching our energy consumption is something we all need to take responsibility for. Here are 10 hot tips to help you keep your energy consumption down and the good times high.

1) Switch off lights in empty rooms

While most people are already pretty good at switching off lights, it’s always worth a reminder. You should be switching off your lights whenever you leave a room (including those lovely decorative fairy lights!), and don’t forget to switch off in communal areas like the kitchen and hallway too.

2) Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need

A cup of tea in the morning is a must for many, but don’t fill the kettle with any more water than you actually need. The minimum line on your kettle is usually plenty of water for a cuppa and will take a matter of seconds to boil. But if your flatmates are lining up for their caffeine fix, add enough water for them - no need to make evil eyes over the kettle!

3) Keep the lid on

You what? I have to say I never knew this until a kind flatmate explained! But it totally makes sense - putting a lid on your saucepan can reduce the energy required to cook your food by up to 90% and actually helps cook food quicker. Just keep an eye on your pan to make sure it doesn’t boil over.

4) Wash a full load

It’s annoying when you find your favourite top in the dirty washing pile. But that doesn't mean you should blow the energy budget by washing just a few a things at a time. You can always club together with flatmates to do a full wash. Just don’t mix a red sock in with the whites!

5) Switch off standby!

Switch appliances (such as phone chargers, laptops and microwaves) off rather than leaving them on standby. Games consoles are one of the worst standby offenders - consuming almost the same power on standby as when you’re playing a game!

6) Wear more clothes

As your parents always say when you complain about being cold, ‘Put a jumper on!’

It’s a classic line but is good advice - if you wear lots of thin layers, this helps to trap body heat. While its hugely tempting to just crank up the heating, take a second to work out if you'd be just as comfortable with an extra layer on. Even reducing your heating by as little as 1ºC can cut your annual energy consumption by up to 10%. And if you’re walking round in shorts at the moment, its still a long way to go until summer so get some more clothes on!

Top tip - to keep your feet warm, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of cosy slippers! Not the ones your Grandad wears........... there’s plenty of fashionable slippers out there!

These are the slippers of the moment - if there is such a thing: https://www.moshulu.co.uk/

7) Communal cooking

Try using the oven at the same time as your flatmates so that you limit the amount of energy you use. Communal meals a few times a week can help keep cooking and food costs down and is a great excuse to get together. Also try to avoid using the oven all the time and instead use other ways of cooking such as boiling, stir frying, grilling, all of which will help save energy

Here’s a few lovely stir fry recipes to get you started! https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/ collection/stir-fry

8) Get to the library

As handy as the library is for reading books, it's also a great place to use the free electricity and heating! Of course its also pretty good for your grades as well - provided you actually work while you're there!

9) Turn off the tap

Be smart about water - don’t use too much of it! Wasting warm water is double the waste – once for the water, and once for heating it – unnecessarily adding to energy footprint. There are simple things you can do like use a washing up bowl rather than running the tap constantly when washing up. And while we all love a long shower, you could fit a shower timer in your bathroom, saving on water but also ensuring you get to lectures on time!

And finally,

10) Sharing’s caring

When using the communal facilities in your Student Roost flat, try and gather all your friends and flatmates in the one space - that way you won’t be lighting rooms just for your own use plus it’s more sociable too. Just remember to turn your other lights off!

Here’s more useful tips to help keep you energy-saving-savvy: https://www.energysavingtrust.... home-energy-efficiency/energy-saving-quick-wins

If all else fails, you can always snuggle up to your flatmates. Just ask if it's ok first!