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From Turkey to Belfast: Our resident’s story
From Turkey to Belfast: Our resident’s story
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From Turkey to Belfast: Our resident’s story

Meet Yasemin Adali, a Student Roost resident from Turkey studying in Belfast. After one of our team members had got chatting to Yasemin during the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Northern Ireland, we just knew we had to share her inspirational story. We are so proud of Yasemin and truly honoured to have her as part of our Roost family.

When the outbreak began, Yasemin had an important decision to make; to go home and stay with her family in Turkey, or to stay in Belfast.

She decided to stay.

My decision to stay in Belfast during the COVID-19 outbreak

When my university closed, my studio became my new office.

As an epidemiologist student, I saw weeks before what was coming so I managed to prepare. I had enough food and fast internet access. The government in Turkey offered for me to go home if I wanted to.

I decided to stay in Belfast, I knew I would be more of a benefit to Northern Ireland here. I want to be helpful to humanity, and now is the time I can do that.

So, I have enlisted to become a volunteer to the Covid-19 diagnostics laboratory in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. It is such an honour to be able to stay and help the people in Northern Ireland. I could’ve chosen to go home to Turkey, to spend time with my family, but I did not. I chose to stay here and fight.

For now, I will stay home. I have found a trustworthy place to live and I believe Swanston House Student Roost will be there to help me if I’m ever in the lab for too many hours, if I need food or if I am to get sick.

But if the Belfast Trust call me, I will be there to help fight COVID-19 for Northern Ireland.

A little bit about Yasemin

Hello, I’m Yasemin Adali, a PhD student studying at Queens University in Belfast.

Science has always been a priority in my life. I started out with a bachelor’s degree in biology and then moved on to my first master’s degree in Zoology. My focus was to improve marine life in rivers across Turkey.

I studied Zoology for 3 years and was also awarded a prize from the Ministry of Health in Turkey but struggled to find work in this field. So, my next step was to move towards the more popular field of Histology and Embryology.

I began my first master’s degree in 2012 at Adnan Menderes University. Then my second master's degree in 2015 at Ege University, Turkey majoring in cell culture and embryology culture experiments, which was a great success.

How I ended up studying in Belfast

After my master's at Ege University, I was 27 years old and had managed to self-fund my education journey without a scholarship or taking any sort of salary from the university.

My next step was to move on to a PhD in Histology and Embryology but realised it wouldn’t be possible for me to continue with my studies being entirely reliant upon the support of my family.

So, I applied and secured the most prestige scholarship program from the Ministry of Education in Turkey, with the expectation I move my research focus to Cancer Epidemiology.

My scholarship covered all expenses for studying abroad, including my PhD costs and my travel!

I’ve always wanted to improve my English, so I knew that I wanted to study in the UK. I was also close to an Irish tourist in Turkey, so I managed to secure a place at Queens University, Belfast to study my PhD.

Why I chose Student Roost, Swanston House

As any PhD student will know, time is precious. So, I needed to find something quickly and with as much help as possible.

I was drawn to Student Roost Swanston House because everything was included; internet, water, heating, and it was safe!

I wanted to stay in the same place during my studies, and this is possible here. The team at Swanston House helped me find the perfect room just for me.

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