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Finding student accommodation in Clearing
Finding student accommodation in Clearing

Finding student accommodation in Clearing

Wondering what the process is when finding student accommodation in Clearing? Perhaps you’re thinking of applying for accommodation after Clearing and you’re unsure when to start. We’ve taken a look at everything you’ll need to know.

Clearing and accommodation

So, can you get accommodation through Clearing? Clearing accommodation is often available during the process as student living providers keep spaces available for those who are applying for accommodation after Clearing.

At Student Roost, you’re able to book university Clearing accommodation as soon as you have confirmed your place on a course. If there are a number of options to consider when choosing your university, take a look at our locations and see if they help you make a decision.

We’ve prepared a guide on everything you’ll need to consider when looking at student accommodation in Clearing.

Getting Clearing sorted

From 8am on results day, you’re able to log into your UCAS profile and check if your results meet the conditions of your offers. If they don’t – or if you haven’t received any offers – you’ll then be told that you’re in Clearing.

If you’re feeling like Clearing is a bit foreign and you’d like to learn more, we’ve got you covered. Find out what Clearing is, and then once everything feels a little more comfortable and familiar, we’re here to help you figure out how to apply for university Clearing too.

Applying for accommodation after Clearing

Once you’ve confirmed a place at the university you’ve chosen, it’s time to consider where you’re going to be living for the year ahead. There’s all-important factors to think about, from the location of the accommodation to how much living there will cost. It’s also important to factor in what’s included in your rent, and the type of room you’re looking for in terms of Clearing accommodation.

At Student Roost, all our accommodations are located a short walk away from university campuses, giving you a perfect base for your studies. Whether you’re an early riser or a hit-snooze addict, you’ll be able to get to your lectures on time. In terms of cost, what you see is what you get: all your bills, Wi-Fi and contents insurance are included in your rent – no matter where you’re staying.

Consider the type of university Clearing accommodation

Finding your ideal student accommodation in Clearing means that you’ll need to consider the type of accommodation you want to live in for the academic year.

Are you looking to experience independent living? Studio accommodation might be the option for you, giving you access to a self-contained space, and absolute control of your routines, cleaning, cooking and more. Alternatively, you could choose to live in en-suite student accommodation and share a communal living and cooking space if you fancy yourself as a bit of a socialite. Whichever you go for, you'll be able to meet your new Roost neighbours in the social spaces (lounges, cinema rooms, gyms and more) just down the hall from your new room.

University Clearing accommodation

Knowing where you’re going to be living for the year ahead can certainly make your move to higher education a lot easier. While Clearing is very much first come, first served, if you’re able to find the time to take a tour around a university campus, that would certainly help you in your decision making.

While you’re there, why not take a walk over to our student accommodation so you can get a feel for where you may be living? You can arrange a COVID-safe viewing before you arrive, allowing you to see what’s on offer first-hand before you make your decision. Alternatively, you can book a virtual viewing too!

Find out more about Clearing accommodation, including our en-suite rooms and studio living options, how you’d pay rent and more by visiting our help and advice page. If you’ve secured your spot at university and now need to secure living arrangements, book with confidence with Student Roost today.