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Choosing your student accommodation
Choosing your student accommodation

Choosing your student accommodation

From ensuite to studio and apartment accommodation, there's so much choice on the market. Let us help with your decision.

Choosing your student accommodation property can be a nerve-wracking process. From ensuite to studio and apartment accommodation, there's so much choice on the market.

Many housing options are released to the market between November and January. Properties are usually provided on a first come, first served basis. This only strengthens the case to start your research early, browse the options and try to narrow down your choices, before making a final decision about your future home.

It’s essential to cover as many bases as possible with your research, but where do you look for your next property?

Browse online

Online resources are available for most types of student accommodation. Whether you’re looking for shared or private accommodation, start your search online. This will enable you to cover a wide search of the city in a shorter space of time, perhaps navigating to areas that you hadn’t previously considered. It’s the perfect way to double-check the distance between your ideal property and your university campus. Looking online also allows you to read reviews and testimonials of previous residents, supporting your property making decision.

University Housing Days

In the first year of term, it’s not uncommon for universities to run a ‘housing day’. These events tend to be well attended by local services, for example, police, letting agents and landlord accreditation schemes from the local council, and property management companies like Student Roost.

The event can be an excellent opportunity to browse the range of options available to you as a student, and to get an idea of how you go about booking your ideal property.

Student Unions and University Housing Services

Many universities will be able to provide a housing service, as well as recommendations for letting agents and landlords. Housing services may vary dramatically between universities, however student websites can be used to get a good idea of how good your Housing Service is reputed to be. Your universities’ Student Union may also be able to help with offering advice and recommendations about where other students from the university are living.

At Student Roost we provide accommodation for students in prominent locations of key cities across the UK. Our team of staff are on hand to offer advice and information but importantly, to support your transition to living with Student Roost. All properties are available to view and book on our website. If you’re struggling with your choice, contact our property teams for assistance.