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Budget birthday ideas to celebrate at university
Budget birthday ideas to celebrate at university

Budget birthday ideas to celebrate at university

Want to keep costs low but spirits high? Host your own party on a shoestring budget!

With different bars and clubs hosting certain events every night of the week, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to celebrating special occasions at university. But after a while, going for nights out can be repetitive – and not to mention, expensive.

So to keep your birthday on a budget, check out these ingenious – and inexpensive – ideas:

1. Throw a themed party. Whether your party’s based on a historical era or pop culture, you have plenty of choice when it comes to having a themed birthday bash. Best of all, you can make many costumes on a shoestring budget, or even borrow from others (told you themed birthdays were affordable).

2. Games night. From your light-hearted Jenga to the hilariously controversial Cards Against Humanity, ensure your birthday is an enjoyable one by asking guests to bring their own cards and board games.

3. Seasonal party. Is your birthday in the summer? Have a bbq or a picnic! In the winter? Get out those ugly Christmas jumpers!

4. Poetry slams. If you’re looking for some birthday culture, then a poetry slam is the event for you. Plus if you’re brave enough, you could always take part – your birthday gift to you!

5. Scavenger hunt. Think you know your university town? Think again. Get to know your student residence by participating in a scavenger hunt with your friends, but start by planning what type it’ll be eg photo, video or item. Then make a list of the tasks you want to collect (or photograph or film), decide on the locations, maybe add some bonus tasks, set yourself a time limit plus a prize for the winner! Which would be you obviously, as it’s your birthday.

6. Potluck dinner. Instead of you doing the cooking, get your guests to do it – ask them to each bring their own dinner, because guess what? It’s YOUR birthday!

7. DIY pizza party. Ever wanted to make your own customised pizza? Making the base is simple enough, and your guests only need to bring their own toppings – and who knows, you might end up inventing a new flavour.

How have you celebrated your birthday at university? We’d love to see your photos if you have them too – send them our way by commenting on our Twitter page today.