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8 best online tools to stop you from being distracted
8 best online tools to stop you from being distracted
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8 best online tools to stop you from being distracted

Do you find yourself easily distracted when you're meant to be studying? Check out these online tools to help you stay focused.

While the typical student’s attention span is reported to be between 10 to 15 minutes long, some students may tell you otherwise – especially in an age where digital communications is everywhere.

So if you’re having trouble keeping focused, we’ve come up with tools that will help you keep focused:

1. Self-Control (Mac). If you find yourself frequenting the same time-wasting websites again and again, here’s an attention-saving tool for Mac users. Create a list of websites you want to blacklist, and the app will block them so you can’t access them while you’re meant to be studying. Best of all? It’s free!

2. Focus (Mac). Similar to Self-Control, Focus lets you block certain websites – but instead of getting an error message after trying to visit a blocked site, it shows an inspirational quote in the browser. You also have the option to add your own quote, plus the ability to distract applications such as Apple Mail and Skype.

3. Zero Willpower (iOS). So you’ve found a way to block distractions on your Mac computer, but what about for your iOS mobile devices? Zero Willpower to the rescue, where you can turn on content blockers and even set timers.

4. StayFocusd (Chrome). As one of the world’s most popular browsers, StayFocusd is a must have extension for Chrome users. What’s particularly great about this is the fact you can aggregate timers – so you can set a maximum time period for a number of websites at once.

5. Brain.fm (Web). If the idea of working in silence doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you need to try listening to a soundtrack. All you have to do is tell Brain.fm what you want to achieve (eg meditation, focus) and it creates your own personalised soundtrack.

6. Focus Lock (Android). Just when you thought it was all about iOS users, along comes a saviour for the Android aficionados. Just like Zero Willpower, Focus Lock lets Android users block apps within a certain timeframe to let you get on with the more important priorities.

7. Cold Turkey (Windows). For all you Windows-lovers out there, Cold Turkey gives you the option to block particular sites and applications – and for the truly distracted, you can even be locked out of your own computer for a set amount of time.

8. RescueTime (Android, Linux, Mac, Windows). For a universal solution to help tackle time wasters, try RescueTime. Not only does it block distracting websites, it tracks which applications and sites you visit – giving you a detailed breakdown of how and where you spend your time.

So the next time you have an important essay or exam period coming up, try using these online tools to help combat your attention sp-