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6 ways to keep fit for free
6 ways to keep fit for free
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6 ways to keep fit for free

Losing the battle against exercise? We show you how you can fight fit - for free!

They say when you go to university, you may undergo a dramatic change – and while this is true mentally, you might notice this in the physical sense too (late night takeaways after a night out anyone?).

But before you despair thinking about having to fork out extortionate gym membership fees, there’s a better way of Keeping fit - and you can do it absolutely free!

1. YouTube. While people tend to think of YouTube as the go-to place for funny animal clips and viral videos, it’s also a great hub for fitness bloggers showing off their techniques. From practising yoga in your bedroom to doing HIIT routines in your garden, no one can accuse technology of making us lazy!

2. Join your University sports club. What if I told you that you could get fit for free AND meet new friends? It’s true, from your netball get-togethers to your ultimate Frisbee events, it’s the ideal opportunity to not only try something new, but also meet someone new.

3. Cut out the shortcuts. If you had to choose between taking the lift or walking up eight flights of stairs, chances are you’d go for the latter. But making simple changes to your routine can make a huge difference – so instead of catching the bus or grabbing a taxi into town, why not get in some extra steps? Your bank account will thank you!

4. Explore the great outdoors. When was the last time you made a trip to your local park? With nature on your doorstep, why not explore it – but at a leisurely pace? With several other runners taking advantage of the green space, it’s a great way to be motivated by others and your lungs will enjoy that fantastic fresh air.

5. Less quantity, more quality (food). It can be tempting to get fried food at discount prices but it is possible to eat healthily on a budget. Simple foods such as porridge, beans, lentils, cous cous and quinoa can help bulk up meals, while frozen food such as berries and vegetables can also go a long way (plus you don’t have to worry about it rotting away in the fridge).

6. Go green. Who says a gym has to be indoors? Green Gyms are a great way of keeping fit by helping look after nature. It’s run by a charity called The Conservation Volunteers, where you can learn new skills such as tree-planting or stile-building. Find your local Green Gym by visiting tcv.org.uk.

Have you found alternative ways for exercising for free? Tell us your top tips over on our Facebook page today.