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6 reasons why Student Roost is more than a room
6 reasons why Student Roost is more than a room
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6 reasons why Student Roost is more than a room

Bed? Tick. Desk? Tick. Storage? Tick. All essentials you'll need as a student, but what's beyond your own four walls is just as important - if not more so.

While your room may be where you spend a lot of your time (and we like to think you'll find ours perfectly comfortable), a great student experience is about more than a room. It's about heart to hearts with a neighbouring student you've just met, late night pizzas watching the latest Netflix hit, or someone at the front desk saying just the right thing exactly when you need to hear it most. It's living with old friends, making new ones and creating memories you'll share forever.

If you want your uni days to be about more than just somewhere to sleep, then read on for six reasons why living with Student Roost is more than just a room. Can your FOMO handle this?

1. It's home for the entire squad

Looking for a place where you and your group of friends can crash? Choose from a variety of room types in our properties across the UK to find the perfect living arrangements for you and your mates. Select properties also offer a group discount, just one of the perks when you book together. You'll be able to enjoy all the best bits about a house share but without the house, and so many other additional benefits like all-inclusive bills (no arguing over who hasn't paid the water bill this month) and great spaces to enjoy just downstairs. Which leads us to reason #2...

2. It's Insta-worthy student living

Make space on your phone's camera reel because you're gonna want to be taking lots of shots with your pals in our properties' lush social spaces. Whether it's a group pic in front of an eye-popping selfie wall before you head out for the night, or capturing memories in the games room or communal lounge of everyone in fancy dress - you'll find your Roost environment is the perfect backdrop for your stories on social. Don't forget to tag us on Insta and TikTok. Looking good!

3. It's being able to enjoy a lie-in!

Hit the snooze button and make the most of an extra 10 or 20 minutes in bed. Why's that? Well, we're purposefully in locations that are close to where you'll be studying, so you don't have to worry about lengthy commutes or missing your morning lecture. Depending on where your Roost is, you'll find you're a short walk away (sometimes you'll be over the road!) or a short hop on the bus. So pull the duvet back over your head and enjoy those extra zzzzz's, guilt-free.

4. It's making friendships for life

You might connect with someone it feels like you've always known while chatting downstairs or find your tribe when you book an en-suite room in a shared flat. When you live with us, you join our community of like-minded students in the same building. Let us help bring you together with potential new besties through the Neighbourhood app and regular social events. You could make friends who'll be part of your life way beyond your studies.

5. It's peace of mind that someone is always there

What does 24/7 support in student accommodation actually mean? At Student Roost, when we say there's support all day, every day we mean just that. So, yep, you can sleep safe and sound knowing the property is secure - great. But beyond that, if you get back from a club at 2am and realise you've misplaced your key, then a member of our property team will be on hand to make sure you can get to bed. And beyond even that, our teams are made up of friendly, trained support staff who are available round the clock if you need them - that could mean reporting a leak in the middle of the night or having a sincere sounding board if you or one of your flatmates is having a rough time of it and need someone to talk to. We may not have all the answers right away but we'll listen and we can signpost to the relevant organisations that can help support you and your mental health. Just know there are people there and, crucially, they care.

6. It's where memories are made

All of the reasons above, and so many more besides, add up to living in a place where memories are made. If you're thinking of staying with us for another year, that means another year of amazing memories and new experiences with the friends you've made and the ones you're yet to meet. Choosing where to live for such a formative period of your life is no small matter - so choose somewhere with your best interests at heart. Choose more than a room.

Looking to start or carry on your journey with Student Roost? Discover our rooms, locations and further information on how and why we're more than a room.