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5 tips to make the most out of our refer a friend scheme
5 tips to make the most out of our refer a friend scheme

5 tips to make the most out of our refer a friend scheme

Mates, amigos, compadres, chums, pals, besties – whatever you call them, there’s no doubt our friends can become like family, seeing us through the highs and the lows of life.

If you’ve secured your place to live at uni next year, why not help the people around you do the same?

At Student Roost, we offer an always-on refer a friend scheme making it super easy, and very worthwhile, to help your friends find their perfect university accommodation!

How it works

What do I get for referring a friend?
If you refer a friend to us and they book a room, you could be rewarded with a £150 voucher!

How do I refer a friend?

It also couldn’t be easier – all you need to do is have an existing booking at one of our Student Roost properties and send them your referral code, which you can generate on our website, and get a £150 voucher for every person who books with us using that code. Even better, you can refer as many people as you like – and if they all book a room with us you could be nesting on some decent spends!

So, what does that money really mean for you? It all adds up and the money from just one referral could go towards books, clothes, a food shop or night out. When you start referring more and more, you could really start to enjoy the benefits...

refer a friend

Our top tips on getting the most out of our refer a friend scheme:

1. Share your referral link on social media!

From Facebook posts and Instagram stories, to Twitter or TikTok videos – there are so many ways to spread the word and get your followers on board. Whether you want to share a status or get a little creative, it’s up to you! All you’d need to do is pop in your referral code (you can generate that by logging into your online portal) and pick your favourite social channel to share it on

Why not create a poll over on your Instagram stories to find out who is still looking for student accommodation? It is an easy way to find out who is still on the hunt for their next student apartment, and you benefit from it too - it’s a win win situation!

2. Don’t forget about your schoolmates!

Your mates from home may not have gone to the same uni as you, and may not be local to your new Roost, but so long as we have a Roost in their university city, our refer a friend offer still applies - it’s worth a shot!

3. Spread the word around campus

Why not target your society or local university community groups to share your personalised link? Alternatively, you could add it to your emails to spread the word amongst your course mates too.

4. Get talking!

Do you know someone on your course that is still looking for their perfect accommodation for next year? Why not help them out, refer them to Student Roost and earn some £££? Simply drop it into conversation and share with anyone you think might be interested. The more you refer, the more you can be rewarded!

5. Get your friends on board

Encourage your friends to share too! The more the merrier, plus it’s a great opportunity for you to make more £££ for you to treat your friends for their help!

So, if you know anyone looking to book student accommodation for 2022-2023, then what better place to refer them to than us? Especially if it means you get rewarded for bringing them over.

 *Terms and conditions apply.